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Digital marketing isn’t easy thing. Professionals with great experience are needed to push your business through sorts of online things like email, video ads, graphics, photos of things on sale, logo brands, audio ads, and many more.


We can help you launch any simple or complex website. Our team of designers and engineers love pushing the envelope.

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BABY PACKAGE for TZS 100,000/=


One free domain (.tz, .com, .net, .org)
Disk Space: 1GB
Bandwidth: 20GB
Max FTP Accounts: 2
Max Email Accounts: 2
Max Quota/Email: 256MB
Max Email Lists: 1
Max Databases: 1
Max Sub Domains: 0
Max Parked Domains: Unlimited
Max Addon Domains: 0

CHILD PACKAGE for TZS 120,000/=

One free domain (.tz, .com, .net, .org)
Disk Space: 2GB
Bandwidth: 40GB
Max FTP Accounts: 5
Max Email Accounts: 10
Max Quota/Email: 2Disk Quota
Max Email Lists: 5
Max Database5
Max Sub Domains: Unlimited
Max Parked Domains: Unlimited

ADULT PACKAGE for TZS 150,000/=

One free domain (.tz, .com, .net, .org)
Disk Space: 5GB
Bandwidth: 100GB
Max FTP Accounts: 10
Max Email Accounts: 50
Max Quota/Email: Disk Quota
Max Email Lists: 10
Max Databases: 10
Max Sub Domains: Unlimited
Max Parked Domains: Unlimited
Max Addon Domains: 5


One free domain (.tz, .com, .net, .org)
Disk Space:Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Max FTP Accounts: Unlimited
Max Email Accounts: Unlimited
Max Quota/Email: Unlimited
Max Email Lists: Unlimited
Max Databases: Unlimited
Max Sub Domains: Unlimited
Max Parked Domains: Unlimited
Max Addon Domains: Unlimited

Our Experience!

More than 10 years of experience on website development, hosting, and management by providing full services of security, website transfer, google optimization and many more.


Services we provide includes:

  • Email services
  • Google Optimization services
  • Website security services
  • IT support
  • Website designing services
  • Website online application designing
  • Website transfer for free and hosting based on the client plan
  • Website redesigning and hosting

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Digital marketing involves advertisements and online sales. We will help you do everything of your business which may include video advertisements, graphics, logos and many more

Other IT Services Offered
  • Computer supplies
  • CCTV camera installations
  • Biometric security issues
  • Computer networks
  • Other computer services based on computer hardware and software